Privacy Policy and Terms of use

The USER is responsible for the accuracy of his data, undertaking not to enter false data and to proceed to the rectification of the same if necessary. ONLINECHATMEETINGS makes available to the USER all the means so that it can proceed to the modification of its data. It is allowed to make this modification from the control panel that has the USER in the website and the chat, which is accessed through the keys obtained with the user registration.

Cookies policy

The website of ONLINECHATMEETINGS to offer the services described above, and that its operation is optimal, as well as to offer a personalized experience to the user in the navigation uses cookies. Cookies may be from the website as well as cookies offered by third parties (e.g. cookies that are used to generate statistics such as Google Analytics or certain specific content).

Chat Rules and Regulations

  • Showing disrespectful behavior with other users is prohibited, including:
  • Conduct of religious intellect, vulgar behavior, annoyance or hostile remarks;
  • Intolerant behavior toward other nationalities, races, and religions;
  • Threats and insults when chatting with other users.

Indecent behaviors such as:

  • To be naked in the chat with naked chest without showing face;
  • Offer virtual sex;
  • Use words and phrases with obscene or sexual connotations;
  • Chat naked or wearing only underwear;
  • Showing the genitals or other intimate parts of the body;
  • Touching the genitals even over the clothing;