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Top Free Chat Sites 2019

Omegle sites is a random chat site which enables its users to chat with any random person without signing up. It was launched in 2008 which offered only text feature at that time. It allowed strangers to chat with each other but just after a year it launched its video feature. You don’t have to reveal your identity and it has only two identities- you and stranger. They ask for your age, sex and location and nothing else. You can also link up your Facebook account with omegle official site. It finds people which match with your interest. You can talk with any stranger through video call and you can leave if not interested and talk to another one. Omegle mobile site is also an option, it lets you access through mobile phones.

What other sites offer:

There are many other chat sites like omegle which offers you the same. If you go through omegle like sites you will come across about 50options. Sites like omegle offers almost the same thing but in a different way. Some may have different features while others are same. Chat sites like omegle lets you talk to any stranger via video calls or text. Some sites like omegle have their mobile app while others only let you access through their site. Omegle sites are often free of cost and you don’t need to register to chat. Some omegle like sites also have chat rooms for every topic in which you can discuss your interest and skills with thousand others. Few sites like omegle also raise the social concern and help you in coming out of mental illness or diseases by letting you chat with the survivors.

Similarities between them

Sites like omegle.com offers you the same in a different way. Some have different features like chat rooms and mobile app while others are simple chat app. The motive of omegle type sites is to let strangers connect without caring about their identity revealed. Sites like omegle text lets you talk with any stranger via text and you can easily end the chat by leaving and move on to someone else. It a great initiative which lets you connect globally and make new friends. Many a time people suffer from some mental issue and unable to reveal it, it seems beneficial for them also.

Useful or not

Some sites similar to omegle allows 18+ contents while others try to make it a safe place for everyone, as most of the users are teenagers. Omegle official site does not allow nudity and you can report them, if you are being bullied. These sites are helpful if you use them in a right way. It is a great way to connect with any random stranger and have a chat. It provides you with the video calling feature to make it genuine. Sites like omegle maintains privacy and you should not post such things that can lead you in a serious trouble. It is for a good cause so use it in that way.