About Us

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A video Chat (studio) basically is a company that consists of rooms composed of several rooms where each of them are provided by a computer of last generation with Internet access, high resolution webcams and a comfortable, hygienic and pleasant space So that the model can emit.

What it is about

The model interacts through the Internet with people from all over the world through specialized pages for adults, the basic idea is to initiate conversations and acts taking most of the time for this, the longer the model Manage to obtain more is the amount of commissions in money that receives. The model is free and is not obliged to do acts that go against its moral or dignity, simply makes the decision of strategies and methods that achieve greater effectiveness and more time online. The models are called Web Cam since its main tool is to broadcast image through Web cameras, this is an excellent job, very well paid and the most important is a decent job and every day more is more common and seen more naturally, In addition, there is no physical contact between the model and the contacts with which it interacts, this is simply through the Internet and web cameras.